Integrated Liberal Studies

"A College Within the University"

The Integrated Liberal Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the basic subjects in the liberal arts curriculum. Its faculty members - all excellent teachers and scholars - are drawn from many programs and departments at the UW-Madison. This diversity enables the ILS Program to offer the different subject areas needed to satisfy the breadth requirement and for a sound liberal education.

ILS is a coherent program for students and offers an alternative to scattered electives. The ILS Program offers courses in the sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences. Students will find at least 12 credits of ILS courses in each of the required areas and so can complete their breadth requirements entirely with the ILS program.

Declaring an ILS Certificate may be accomplished any time during the year and does not need to be added to UW-Madison admission forms! Please stop by Meiklejohn House or email the ILS Program for more information.

Woyzeck Play directed by Kristin Hunt

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ILS 275 Film Festival - free and open to the public!

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“Virtually every ILS class threatens to fundamentally change the way you

see the world.”
Eric Schmidt,

Political Science Major

“Some of the best professors on campus teach ILS classes, and they love the program as much as the students!  How many other programs offer Aristophanes, Nietzsche and Jon Stewart in the same class?”
Jeff Landow, English Major

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