ILS Student Ambassador

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 Hello, my name is Elena and I am a senior majoring in geography and environmental studies as well as earning a certificate in ILS. I love learning about diverse cultures and ways of thinking, especially when it concerns perceptions of humanity’s place in the environment and our relationship with non-human life. The ILS classes I have taken have given me interesting insights in both of these areas, as well as providing me with a foundation in classical thought.

My favorite ILS course so far was “Global Perspectives” (ILS 209) taught by Professor Joe Elder. In his quiet manner, Professor Elder expressed both the triumphs and shortfalls of anticolonial movements around the world and augmented his lectures by assigning diverse literature that illustrated the beauty and chaos of the human experience.

The ILS program offers so much for students who wish to be actively involved in their personal and academic development. In my role as ambassador, I hope to increase campus awareness of the ILS program so that more students can join this vibrant community of people who share a fervor for learning and philosophical questioning.