ILS Student Ambassador

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Jed Hobson is in his senior year at UW-Madison, where he is majoring in English with a focus on creative writing, and is also earning a certificate in ILS. Jed worked as an ILS student ambassador during his sophomore year and now, having returned from a year of study abroad in London, plans to continue working for ILS where he left off.  Jed has a passion for music-- when he is not studying or working he spends his time writing songs and performing with his band, The Well2Dos, or hosting his radio show on WSUM.

Jed believes the ILS program has had a strong influence on him as a student and a thinker.  The enthusiasm that the professors and teaching assistants have for the subject matter is truly infectious, and it fosters an environment of curiosity and free-thinking that is crucial for liberal academic development. Jed enjoys this sort of environment, which he likens to that of a lush tropical island, rich with papaya and coconut trees that are free to be picked by any student willing to make the climb. As Jed relaxes on the warm sandy beach, eating the tropical fruits of his labor, he looks out across the stormy sea of red and white and waves to the lost and drifting undergrads, saying “Join me.”