ILS Student Ambassador

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 Hello! I am a sophomore pursuing a double-major in History and Communication Arts with a certificate in Integrated Liberal Studies. I love documentary film, historical narratives and music. I spend most of my time working on films, hooping at the gym and playing shows with my band, Post Social.

I became an ILS Ambassador because I love this program. I took a random ILS class my first semester, and ever since then I've been hooked. My favorite courses so far have been "Remix and Appropriation in the Western Tradition" and "Narratives of Justice and Equality" both taught by the amazing Professor Shawn Peters. 

ILS classes will force you to connect your studies in a way that no other programs will do, and this is why you need to take them; understanding the connectivity between all of your courses is the best way to make all your classes relevant. Whenever you take an ILS class, you will always get your money's worth.

If you have any questions about ILS, what we do, or if you just want to stop by the Meiklejohn house and hangout, send me an email and come on down.