ILS 371-3 Fall 2020

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The goal of this course is to provide you with a critical framework for evaluating cultural products (literature, art, and movies) and some basic research skills to do narrative analysis. The notion of Magical Realism has to be understood under the light of Realism. According to Wendy Faris, “the essential difference, between realism and magical realism involves the intentionality implicit in the conventions of the two modes; where realism intends its version of the world as a singular version, as an objective representation of natural and social realities (…) in magical realism texts, ontological disruption serves the purpose of political and cultural disruption: magic is often given as a cultural corrective causality, materiality, motivation” (3). This quote foreshadows the importance of order and disorder, this place is where myth and reality make way into each other, blurring the boundaries of what is real and what is magical.