ILS 371 Economy Politics Society Spring 2017

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The objective of this course is to examine the ideas of political economy and to question how an
economy should be connected to society. Within this broad objective, there are two specific areas
of study. First, through a careful reading of several important works, we will endeavor to
discover the philosophical origins of political economy. That is, we will set out to find not the
beginnings of political economy as a process of policy making, but rather to uncover the
theoretical motives and problems that give rise to political economy as a way of thinking in
general. Second, we will explore a series of powerful critiques from theoretical quarters and
vantages. In so considering these texts, we shall endeavor not only to discover how they address
the optimism of modern thought, but also to explore the applicability of their arguments at the
dawn of the 21st century. All together, we aim to better understand both the possibilities and the
limitations of the economic organization of life.