ILS 371 Spring 2020

Download 1Syllabus 2020 Myth and Cyborgs blbotero ILS Jan 16 2020

The goal of this course is to provide you with a critical framework for evaluating cultural products (literature, art, and movies) and some basic research skills to do narrative analysis. Myths are around us and, in this class, we are going to read about myths through time. Understanding literature from academia implies acquiring an ability to discover ideas that lay behind words, and then, the reader, has to connect the text in an invisible thread. This implies going beyond the pleasure of reading, to link, find and select what Umberto Eco refers to as an Index that connects the text with our own reading, giving it a unique look. With these two elements, the text and the possible routes of the academy in literature are endless. The aim of this course is that the classroom becomes a melting pot; the place to expose a personal vision of the text, nurtured by the various theories that have critically assessed the works. For over two centuries the myths of the Greeks have provoked fascination and need to make interpretations. History carries myths and the idea of Future is heavy in mythology too. Humans talk to other humans through the use of myths. We are going to learn different ways of interpreting myths and we are going to examine closely the way that gender is portrayed in Myths.