Making a Gift

To donate online:

  1. Below, locate the fund you’d like to donate to, under “Fund Name,” and click.
  2. You will be redirected to the secure UW Foundation website, with the “Fund Name” auto-populated. Verify it is the correct fund.
  3. Complete the form, and your submission will be completed.

To mail a gift to the Foundation:

  1. Print out and complete the PDF form here
  2. Mail form with your check, made payable to the “University of Wisconsin Foundation” to:

University of Wisconsin Foundation
U.S. Bank Lockbox
P.O. Box 78807
Milwaukee, WI 53278-0807

To Donate to our Booth Fowler Professorship Fund:

Please send a check made payable to “UW Trust Funds” with “Booth Fowler Professorship” in the memo section to the Meiklejohn House, 228 N Charter St. Madison, WI 53562

Fund Name Fund Number Fund Description
Integrated Liberal Studies Fund 112909190 This Fund was set up by the Integrated Liberal Studies Program as “the ILS Discretionary Fund into which gifts may be deposited and from which sums may be withdrawn by the Director of ILS with the advice of the ILS faculty.””Funds deposited in this account might be earmarked for a special purpose by the donor, or they might be used for general purposes such as lectures, prizes, honors and other activities appropriate to the ILS program.”
Virginia A. Abel Integrated Liberal Studies Fund 132540714 The fund was established through the will of Virginia A. Abel dated Dec. 21, 1988. Per the will of Virginia Abel, the monies from this fund will be used specifically for the benefit of the Department of Integrated Liberal Studies.
Alexander Meiklejohn Lectureship Fund 132540743 The Alexander Meiklejohn Lectureship Fund was established with a gift from the Meiklejohn Education Foundation on November21, 1991 to honor Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn. This Fund was established for the purpose of providing income for visiting lectureships in the Integrated Liberal Studies (ILS) Program of the College of Letters and Science. Each year the Foundation will advise the ILS Program of the total amounts of support available for distribution in support of the Fund’s objectives. All monies distributed from the Fund shall be described as having been made available by the Meiklejohn Lectureship Fund.
Herbert and Evelyn Howe Bascom Professorship Fund 132541776 The Herbert and Evelyn Howe Bascom Professorship was initiated in October 1996 and fully funded in April 2000 with gifts (outright and deferred) from UW/Ford Foundation Early Admissions Participants (1951-1959). Herb and Eve played an important role as faculty advisors to the Ford Scholars in the early 1950’s and the Scholars, under the leadership of Earl Dolven, initiated this Fund in their honor. The Fund supports a faculty member who teaches in Integral Liberal Studies.
Ruth Knatz Memorial Fund 132542603 The Fund was initiated by a MOA signed by Edward Wisnewsky on September 2, 1999,to honor his late wife, Ruth Knatz Gross Wisnewsky. The purpose of the Fund is rewarding outstanding students in the humanities, particularly Integrated Liberal Studies. Ruth Knatz Gross Wisnewsky was a graduate of the UW in 1929 with a BS in English. The donor intends that these awards be utilized for the discovery and development of talent, that they be offered to the strongest possible candidates, outstanding students who do more than meet the requirements. It is the donor’s intent that these awards be among the largest and most prestigious awards to undergraduate students given in the College of Letters and Science.
Pooley Prize Fund in Integrated Liberal Studies Fund 132545151 This fund was established January 1, 1969 by Professor Robert C. & Lucile S. Pooley through contributions of securities and cash. Robert C. Pooley received a Ph.D. in English in 1932 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Fund is to be awarded to one eligible female and one male student in the Department of Integrated Liberal Studies. The candidate needs to have maintained a grade point average of at least 3.0 for three semesters preceding the meeting of the Committee and has good character and student leadership especially in ILS.
Alexander Meiklejohn Integrated Liberal Studies Scholarship Fund 132545304 The Alexander Meiklejohn Integrated Liberal Studies Scholarship Fund was established by a MOA signed by Roderick H. Riley on May 28, 1987. The Alexander Meiklejohn Integrated Liberal Studies Scholarship Fund supports an annual scholarship award for a full time undergraduate student pursuing the Integrated Liberal Studies Program. Consideration is given to the student’s need, extra-curricular activities and academic standing. Selection of the recipients is made by the Scholarship Committee of the Integrated Liberal Studies Program.
Alexander Meiklejohn and John Walker Powell lll Fund 132902548 The Alexander Meiklejohn-John Walker Powell III Fund was established June 10, 1999 with gifts from many donors.  The purpose was clarified by a MOA dated December 18, 2001 and signed by William W. Kean, President of the Meiklejohn Integrated Liberal Studies Alumni Association. The Alexander Meiklejohn-John Walker Powell III Fund provides support for a faculty member in the Integrated Liberal Studies Program who teaches in the interdisciplinary, integrative, and searching spirit of Meiklejohn and Powell. John Walker Powell received his BA in 1926 in Philosophy and his Ph.D. in 1932 in Psychology, both from the University of Wisconsin. Both Professors Meiklejohn and Powell were teachers at the University of Wisconsin.
Robert W. Frase Integrated Liberal Studies Endowment Fund 132905393 This fund was established with gifts from Robert W. Frase. Mr. Frase was a 1934 graduate of the UW with a BA in Letters & Science. The purpose of the fund is to benefit the Integrated Liberal Studies program at the University of Wisconsin. The monies from the Fund can be used for any purpose the Director of the ILS Program deems necessary, per approval from the University of Wisconsin Foundation.