Meiklejohn House with snow


ILS open house from 1955
Integrated Liberal Studies open house at Memorial Union, 1955. From left to right, Bitsy Barns; Eddie Cohen; Mrs. Margaret Hundt, ILS secretary; and Dr. Robert C. Pooley, ILS chairman
Glen Frank with protesters
Protest at the ouster of UW-Madison president Glenn Frank. Frank was tapped to the University of Wisconsin's presidency in 1925, where he introduced the Experimental College. He did not enjoy faculty support despite his support of academic freedom and tenure, and his public criticism of Franklin D. Roosevelt put him at odds with the La Follettes in public office. The Board of Regents, mostly appointed by La Follette, requested Frank's resignation in March 1936. Frank declined to resign and the Board held public hearings on his presidential competency before narrowly voting to remove him from office on January 7, 1937. Frank became involved in Wisconsin politics and ran for the state's United States Senate seat, but died with his son in a car accident two days before the Republican Party primary.
Walter Agard reading
Walter Agard reading