Grant Nelsestuen

Position title: Chair of ILS, Professor of Classics



Grant Nelsestuen’s research focuses on Roman political thought and cultural history, late Hellenistic intellectual history, and the literature of the Late Republic and early Empire.

Grant teaches ILS courses on friendship and community, ancient political thought and literature, and conspiracies in the ancient and modern worlds.  He also teaches Classics courses on Latin and Greek literature and Roman culture, history, and politics.

Beth Shipman

Position title: Program Administrator


Laura Bradley

Position title: Academic Advisor


Laura (she/her/hers) is a 2011 graduate of the Integrated Liberal Studies Program, and she completed her BA (History) and MSW degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her background includes work as an Academic Advisor at UW-Madison and as a medical social worker (a profession for which her interdisciplinary education was particularly helpful).

Laura is available to meet with any student who is pursuing an ILS Certificate, or who is interested in learning more about ILS courses or the certificate.

In-person, virtual, and telephone appointments with Laura can be scheduled via Starfish. If you cannot find a time that works with your schedule, please email Laura for additional options.

For quick questions, feel free to email Laura.