ILS 400 Capstone Integration Seminar

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Required Capstone for Juniors and Seniors seeking ILS Certificate.

In a participatory seminar, we will explore the relationship between liberal education and leadership. What might Alexander Meiklejohn and those who motivated him–from Socrates and Kant to John Dewey, James Baldwin, Bertolt Brecht, and the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court–teach us about the often fraught link between critical thinking and civic engagement? The first part of this capstone will generate a set of shared questions about liberal education and leadership; the second part will turn the course over to you to grapple collectively with the two weightiest questions Meiklejohn faced, namely, what and how to teach and learn in a diverse and democratic society. The senior capstone offers a chance to look back over your ILS education and forward to the many opportunities and challenges that await you. What will be your “ILS Toolkit” as you head into your future?

Requisites: Junior standing and declared in Certificate in Integrated Liberal Studies

Level - Advanced

Counts as L&S Credit