Beatriz Botero

Position title: ILS Faculty


Professor Beatriz L. Botero (Ph D. University of Wisconsin- Madison; Ph D. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) is a specialist in contemporary Latin American literature and cultural studies. Her research is oriented primarily towards topics in narrative and psychoanalysis, with special emphasis on identity, body and social conflict. She has also worked these topics in relation to contemporary visual art. She received a Summa Cum Laude for her dissertation in Psychoanalytic Foundations and Theory Development at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In her publications, Botero examines the relation between national identity and personal identity in novels such as Gabriel García Márquez’s last novel Memoria de mis putas tristes. In her most recent work (El Yo ideal y el Ideal del yo en Cobro de Sangre de Mario Mendoza, 2015), Botero contributed to a special issue on Psychoanalysis and Ibero American literature for the journal Studi Ispanici, examining issues of personal and social identity.